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lol外围-Fake Apple Watches — or timepieces that appear similar to the new devices and are suspiciously affordable — have gone on sale across China as consumers jump the gun before the genuine items are available next month, writes Charles Clover in Beijing.尽管Apple Watch真品之前下月才开始销售,但中国各地已经常出现了冒充的Apple Watch,或者说外形与苹果(Apple)近期产品类似于、价格便宜得令人不知的手表,让消费者先买为慢。On ecommerce websites such as Alibaba’s Taobao, the watches appear nearly identical to Apple’s product, down to the digital crown controller on the side of the device and four sensors on the underside.在阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的淘宝(Taobao)等电子商务网站,这些手表的外形与苹果产品完全完全相同——不论是手表侧面的数字表冠控制器还是底部的4个传感器。Most do not have a brand marking and cost Rmb250-Rmb500 ($40-$80) — as little as a 10th of the price of the cheapest Apple Watch shown this week by Tim Cook, chief executive.多数此类产品没品牌标识,价格在250元到500元人民币之间(合40至80美元),差不多是蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)本周展出的最低廉的Apple Watch的十分之一。Revealed on Tuesday and scheduled to go on sale on April 24, Apple’s gold-cased luxury model costs up to $17,000 and appears to be aimed at wealthy Chinese.Apple Watch于本周二公布,订于4月24日下架销售。


其中黄金外壳的豪华版Apple Watch价格高达1.7万美元,其销售目标或许对准中国富人。The early proliferation of fakes will not help Apple’s hopes of replicating the success of its iPhones in China, the second-largest market for the smartphones behind the US.冒充产品的提早蔓延将有利于苹果在中国拷贝iPhone的顺利。中国是次于美国的第二大智能手机市场。The China knock-offs demonstrate the speed, boldness and uncanny accuracy with which China’s counterfeiters can mimic even pioneering products.这些冒充商品指出,即使是最不具开创性的产品,中国山寨厂商也能以很慢的速度、很大的胆量和不可思议的准确性加以仿效。