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lol外围:Google has always used its annual I/O conference to connect to developers in its sprawling empire. It announces new tools and initiatives, sprinkles in a little hype, and then tells those watching: choose us, and together we’ll go far.谷歌总是在每年一度的I/O开发者大会上与自己可观帝国中的开发商联络感情,宣告新的工具、新的计划,宣传造势,然后告诉他所有看客:自由选择我们,我们将联手回头得很远。But while in previous years this message has been directed at coders working with Android and Chrome — the world’s biggest mobile OS and web browser respectively — yesterday, CEO Sundar Pichai made it clear that the next platform the company wants to dominate could be even bigger: artificial intelligence.但是过去的几年中,谷歌仍然向世界上仅次于的移动操作系统安卓和谷歌浏览器表达一个信息,5月17日,谷歌首席执行官桑达尔?皮查伊具体指出了谷歌下一个战略宏图就是人工智能。


For Google, this doesn’t just mean using AI to improve its own products. (Although it’s certainly doing that).对谷歌而言,这某种程度是为了利用人工智能提高自己的产品(虽然谷歌目前正是这么做到的)。The company wants individuals and small companies around the world to also get on board. It wants to wield influence in the wider AI ecosystem, and to do so has put together an impressive stack of machine learning tools — from software to servers — that mean you can build an AI product from the ground up without ever leaving the Google playpen.谷歌想让世界上所有人和小规模公司都重新加入到它的行列,它想要在人工智能领域不断扩大影响。


若要达成协议此目的,必须不具备大量的从软件到服务器这样的机器学习工具,不具备这些就意味著需要离开了谷歌之后能从无到有,制作一款人工智能产品。Other firms like Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft also offer their own AI tools, but it’s Google’s that feel、脸谱、微软公司等其他公司也发售了自己的人工智能工具,但只有谷歌变得卓尔不群。

Samim Winiger, head of machine learning design studio thinks this is partly down to the company’s capacity to shape the media narrative, but also because of the strong level of support it provides to its users.机器学习设计工作室Samim.io总裁萨米姆?威尼格指出一部分原因是谷歌需要左右媒体故事情节,另外乃是源自谷歌对用户的强力反对。“There are technical differences between [different AI frameworks], but machine learning communities live off community support and forums, and in that regard Google is winning,” he says.他说道,“有所不同的人工智能框架技术有所差异,但是机器学习社区各不相同社区反对和论坛,从这方面而言,谷歌是赢家。_lol外围。